When a dispute arises, the Company promotes negotiation and mediation between the parties to maintain members' trust in taran-vietnam.com's service quality and follows these steps:

Step 1: Buyer members complain about the seller's goods via email: taran.vietnam@gmail.com

Step 2: taran-vietnam.com's Customer Care Department will receive complaints from buyer members. Depending on the nature and extent of the complaint, taran-vietnam.com will take specific measures. Assist the buyer to resolve that dispute.

Step 3: In cases beyond the capacity and authority of taran-vietnam.com, the management board will request the buyer to bring this case to a competent state agency for resolution according to law.

taran-vietnam.com respects and seriously implements the provisions of law on protecting the rights of buyers (consumers). Therefore, buyers are requested to provide complete, accurate, honest and detailed relevant information. All acts of fraud and fraud in business are condemned and must be fully responsible before the law.

All parties, including sellers and buyers, will have to play a responsible role in actively resolving the problem. Sellers need to be responsible for providing documents to authenticate information related to the incident that is causing conflicts for the buyer.

After the seller and buyer have resolved the dispute. In case of a conflict in the transaction where the fault lies with the seller: taran-vietnam.com will compensate the customer satisfactorily on the basis of agreement with the customer or transfer it to the competent law agency depending on the level. degree of violation

If through agreement the conflict arising from the transaction between the buyer and the seller cannot be resolved, then either buyer or seller will have the right to seek legal help. Authority to intervene to ensure the legitimate interests of all parties, especially customers.