1. Geographical restrictions on delivery

For provincial customers who want to buy in large quantities or wholesale customers who want to buy products, we will ask for delivery services from shipping companies and fees will be calculated according to the fees of service providers. transportation service or according to the contractual agreement between the two parties.

2. Identify the responsibilities of traders and organizations providing logistics services for providing goods documents during the delivery process.

All orders are packaged and ready to ship, sealed by taran-vietnam.

The shipping unit will only be responsible for transporting goods according to the principle of "in original packaging, in original packaging".

On the packaging of all orders there is information:

Recipient information, including: Recipient name, phone number and recipient address

Bill of lading code of the order

To ensure the safety of the goods, taran-vietnam will enclose a valid financial invoice or delivery note of the product in the parcel (if any).

Financial invoices or delivery notes are the basis to support the complaint handling process such as: determining the market value of goods, ensuring goods are circulated properly, etc.

3. Responsibility for goods damaged during transportation

Regarding providing goods documents during the delivery process.

For goods damaged due to the shipping process, whether the order was shipped by the store itself or shipped by a third party, we will be the party responsible for solving the problem for the customer.

Customers have the right to refuse to receive the product and request a return according to the "return" regulations. If any problems arise, we will work with the shipping partner to resolve compensation for the order according to the agreement. Cooperation between the company and a third party providing transportation services.

Note: In case there is a delay in delivery, we will promptly inform the customer and the customer can choose between canceling or continuing to wait for the goods.