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From 01/12 to 25/12/2022, presented a taran. tamanu balm on purchases over 2,000,000 VND!

A cream that contains plenty of miraculous all-purpose oil Tamanu oil. Tamanu oil balm can be used for thin and dry skin areas around the eyes and around the mouth . Tamanu oil balm effectively moisturizes for dry or itchy skin areas and is used for the whole body from face to toe.

※ The shipping fee in Viet Nam is usually about 50,000 VND. Free shipping for orders are over 2,000,000 VND.

Product detail

Detox massage oil contains Tamanu oil.

For those who suffer from swelling and acne on the body. Please use an appropriate amount to massage where you care about stiffness and tiredness.

It uses essential oils such as eucalyptus, rosewood, and peppermint that  improve blood flow so it is very suitable for scalp massage for those who often have headaches.

How to use
  1. After bathing, please apply an appropriate amount to your wet body and massage. After that, do not wash it off, but gently wipe off the water with a bath towel.
  2. Use a few drops as bath oil in the bathtub.

* Children should avoid using it because it contains eucalyptus essential oil. Avoid using it on the face, but on the skin from the neck to the feet or the head.

Having 2 sizes: 50ml and 100ml

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